According to the Baby Boomer generation, we Millennials are basically serial killers. We killed department stores. Movie theaters. Chain restaurants. We straight-up murdered American cheese.


First of all, we just want to say to all the Boomers out there: THANK YOU. Thank you for thinking we have that much power. For thinking we get together at brunch and decide over avocado toast what we’re going to ruin for you next. Oh, you like canned tuna? Not anymore, grandpa.


Here’s the thing. We Millennials aren’t buying houses and eating at Applebee’s because we can’t afford to. And who’s to blame for that?




That’s right. The generation who looked around and said, “Sure, we could do everything in our power to make the world a great place for our grandchildren OR we could drive huge, gas-guzzling cars, give ourselves giant tax cuts, make healthcare really hard to afford, and—just for fun—drive up the price of food and medicine. Yes, let’s do that.”


So while the Boomers blame us for killing off their precious big box stores and crappy cheese, we blame them right back. For killing off hope, light, and—we’ll just say it—the American Dream. BOOM.



One crazy pissed off millennial